The right skipper for your yacht charter

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Choosing the right skipper for charter can be a game of roulette!

When you charter a yacht in the Solent it’s often a real game of roulette as to who your skipper is. The skipper is always the big unknown and that individual can make or break your day and it’s totally out of your control

At Yachts For Fun we have oneprimary skipper who is a mature family man a Yacht-master Instructor and has sailed well over 100,000 nautical miles. In ten years we have never had a bad client experience and that’s something!

Horatio Goodden goes by the name ‘Trog’ and his first ever coastal trip as a skipper was undertaken when he was a little over 12 years old. At 14 he skippered a group of school friends in a 48ft yacht accompanying the Helford river to L’Aberach race and back a distance of 300 nautical miles with only one stop over.

In his early 20′s he became an insurance broker at Lloyds of London. Shortly after he was elected chair of management of Lutine, the Lloyd’s Yacht Club’s Nicholson 55 Yacht. he became skipper of choice to to entertain lloyd’s clients. His reputation was such that competitor brokers and syndicates often invited him to skipper their events too!

From 1990 having qualified as RYA Yacht-master Instructor he left the City to start his own business teaching sailing to yachtsmen and in 1993 he was invited by the then Marine Safety Agency to draft the Workboat Code Of Practice.

Family days out and corporate days are things he enjoys the most in life. He is quite probably the best skipper anywhere in the Solent for ensuring that every family member from toddlers to grannies gets a hugely positive experience.  And at the other end of the yacht chartering spectrum even when racing competitively he does not lose sight of the fact that the yacht is the vehicle for the event. he is more than capable of winning of course, but will not do so at the expense of either safety or the enjoyment of the guests. as he puts it; ‘there is no point winning if the host loses a client!’




Published by: David Oliver