September is an amazing month to charter a yacht for families especially in Portsmouth Harbour

Gill and I have seen things this past month in Portsmouth harbour that we have never seen before and we are are offering some special sailing experiences this September as a result

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Firstly we wanted to create some special opportunities for corporates or your families, because during the month of September we often get uncrowded waters, and great skies with outstanding sunsets and moonrise. And.. if you fancy it, the chance for some night time sailing which provides a magic all of its own. The mystery and intrigue of all the green, red, and white flashing buoys (each with their own unique light signature) and the sense of accomplishment the first time you explore this very different world.

But we also wanted to share some quite amazing news. Couple of weeks back one of our ‘clients’  spotted a mother Harp seal with calf right where we sail in Portsmouth harbour.  Theres a picture below along with some other fun shots. There is also round the clock work being done on preparing the way for the new Aircraft carrier and that makes fascinating watching too.

 Special corporate or family night sail offers. 18.00 to 21.30 corporate or family sail with a taste of night time sailing. Mid-week just £390 for 5 people plus our skipper 6 in all. To book or enquire just hit reply or call gill office hours on 01256 896239. Mid week days in September 0900-1700 just £490 7 plus skipper 8 in total for day time sailing. For information call 01256 896239 office hours or for a free brochure

swimming as family

Jumping off Yachtsforfun Boat – Cool Runnings
On board Cool Running Stunning seascape Sunsets


How close can you get to the two? Great opportunity to charter a boat and take the dinghy to explore

Harp seal mum and calf in Portsmouth harbour

Published by: David Oliver