Four wonderful moments with seals in the Solent

Yacht Charter gets close to a seal

We got within two metres of this playful pup

Recent family & corporate trips with Yachts for Fun have spotted seals in Newtown Creek (Isle of Wight), Portsmouth Harbour, Fareham Reach and Chichester

The past few weeks have led to some wonderful moments for family and corporate visitors onboard Cool Runnings. Water quality and environment are so good, that seals have returned to Portsmouth Harbour, Fareham Reach, Newtown Creek (near Cowes) and Chichester. Gill and I wanted to share some of these truly magic moments with you.

yacht charter spots seals

The whole family was unphased as we got our chartered yacht and then the tender to within 2 meters

Summer days are here with long light evenings and fair winds. Time to think about immersing your family or workplace team in a wholesome natural environment. Let the elements refresh renew reinvigorate; and take away some unforgettable moments.  A one day charter with Yacht & Skipper and up to 7 guests, starts at just £490. To read some reviews click here.

Corporate skippered yacht charter

Rafted up with another corporate charter we had a well earned brew and relived the memories together. What a great family and corporate day out on the water

Cool Runnings –  is berthed at Gosport Marina. Good parking, easy access by road or train. Instant access to the waters of the Solent for family or corporate skippered days out. To check dates, ask questions or to book  email Alternatively call 01256 896239 at any time.



Published by: David Oliver